Pre-filters are used for coarse pre-filteration, provision against insects, textile fibres, coarse applications. DYNA prefilters are available in the range of 15 to 20 micron (G3, G4 Class) and 10 micron (F5, F6)
· Low initial pressure drop
· Light in weight and easy to handle
· High cost / performance ratio
· High dust holding capacity
· Clean able / Washable
Far Sight consists of a unique blend of air filtration experience and customer service. Our product knowledge covers pre filters to HEPA filters, Our focus is toward, but not limited to unique and special applications

Pre filters are primary stage of filters used to arrest large dust particles of size less than 10 micron and rubber, dirt, sand etc from atmospheric air. We use MS, aluminum; S.S and G.I to make the body of Pre filter according to customer's requirement. These filter are used in any air handling application

Special units are designed for removing Odor with Carbon activated filter or Charcoal granules. We have units to maintain positive pressure in clean areas like Hospitals, Laboratories, Industries and even Residences we can deliver almost any unit as desired by our client Cooling System Units are also used for pharma Industry for Ventilation purpose
· Available up to a filtration efficiency of 95% for 10 micron particle size. (Overall filtration efficiency by using discrete particle
count efficiency test method).
· Suitable for use as filter grades G1 to G4 of EN 779 and MERV 1 to 7 of Ashrae 52.2.
· Can be manufactured with or without "Flange" or "Header".
· Optional perforated metal or expanded metal guard.
· Available in casing thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 mm in MOC variants of Galvanized.
· Sheet steel, Aluminium or Stainless steel with suitable surface finish.
Activated Carbon Filters-Panels
The disposable activated carbon filter panel, can be sized and used in a wide variety of odour reduction applications. They can be fitted into duct mounted casings to provide the required contact time and airflow.
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